Workshops - June 10th, 12th & 13th * Exhibit - June 15th, 16th & 17th

Come walk through the forest trail, following the sounds of music, viewing artwork and reading poetry from community members. Sink yourself into the calm and drink in that sounds that surround us, both nature and man-made.

LOLA Sound Garden is an outdoor site-specific sound and art installation for viewers of all ages.

Both workshops and exhibit are FREE!

: a work of art that usually consists of multiple components often in mixed media and that is exhibited in a usually large space in an arrangement specified by the artist

The LOLA Sound Garden workshops and exhibit will take place amongst the walking trails in the outdoor space by the pavilion at Memorial Park in Land O’ Lakes, WI, between the NorthernWaters Museum and Storybook Gardens. Parking at the elementary school, Storybook Gardens, church, or museum is available to access the trails. Scroll to bottom of page for a map.

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This music and sound installation marries nature and man-made sounds, with over 60 small speakers hidden amongst the space, making each step you take through different. LOLA Sound Garden is produced and curated by Minnesota based JG Everest. He creates these magical spaces in communities, with each site getting different music and placement, based of the history and layout of the space. Check out his website to view past Sound Garden experiences. Click here to see WXPR’s interview of last year’s of  LOLA Sound Garden.

This is a community driven event! Come be a part of this unique experience, enjoy arts opportunities, and help us create this immersive installation.

We will be offering free arts workshops before the exhibit, in which pieces will be created to be shown during the exhibit.


Take one or all of these!, THEY’RE FREE!, though registration is required (and the painting ones have a class limit) These workshops will all start with a walk through the Sound Garden space with naturalist from the DNR, who will educate on the history and ecosystem of the space. Then participants will be led by an artist in an arts workshop..creating music, writing poetry, taking photographs, and painting, which will be displayed in the Sound Garden exhibit later in the week. All work will be returned to participants after the Sound Garden exhibit concludes. These are family-friendly events, so kiddos are welcomed with a participating adult! (Plein Air Painting is 12yo+)

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Sound garden
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Sound Garden Exhibit

Come experience the LOLA Sound Garden exhibit. Walk through space, with every step and turn of the head giving the participants a different composition of sound, blending the man-made ones with nature. It’s a lovely and peaceful environment. And look at the artwork and read the poetry that was made during the workshops about the space that will be distributed throughout the installation. You can find parking by the NorthernWaters Museum, Storybook Gardens, or Elementary school and follow the walking trails to the pavilion.

Check out the Sound Garden experience!

Come experience the LOLA Sound Garden! The trails through the space are easily accessible and well maintained. They are gravel and even leveled, with a beautiful canopy of trees giving some shade. This event can be enjoyed by all ages, an immersive experience for the whole family! Did we mention it’s free and right next to Storybook Gardens?!

Wanna help out with this fantastic community event? We need helping hands!

We would LOVE some help pulling off this arts experience. We need help setting up the LOLA Sound Garden each day and taking down each afternoon. It’s pretty simple!, mostly walking around and putting speakers in containers. If you’re able to help on either shift on any of the exhibit days, please get ahold of us by phone or email!

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