A Heartfelt Thanks to our 2024 Donors


We extend our deepest gratitude to ALL of our 2024 donors, including those who have chosen to remain anonymous. These generous contributions are instrumental in advancing the mission of LOLA Arts and making a significant impact in our community.

Thanks to donor support, LOLA Arts can provide accessible art experiences for all ages, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage with and enjoy the arts.

Carolyn Rohlen

Schindelholz Dental

Dr Edward and Gretchen Blau

Bob and Sara Beedie

Susan and Ivan Ivancevich

Joanelle Klumb

Will and Jody Buergey

William and Diane Foreman in memorial of John Benjamin Foreman

Corinne and Fred Duerkop in memorial of Karen Lenhart




Car Park Bret Frisk
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