Homeschool Art

LOLA Arts is excited to once again offer art classes to homeschool students!

We will be offering classes, both visual art and music, for the spring semester, on Tuesdays. We will have discounts for families with multiple students and also do have financial assistance available.

Tuesdays. January 11th-May 24th (no classes on March 22nd or April 12th)

*If NPSD closes school due to weather, LOLA Arts would as well.

*Unvaccinated students are asked to wear a mask

Contour Lines  - Youth
Youth ukulele
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Early Art Experience 

(elementary-middle school)

Tuesdays 10 - 11 am *we have hit max enrollment for this class, so we have added another afternoon option from 2-3pm*


Tuesdays 2-3pm

Fee: $50 

Teacher: McCall Hocking

Students will use a variety of art mediums while learning art basics by creating projects based off of books, famous artists, and making seasonal arts and crafts. This will be a fun and messy class where students will get to experience many types of art making and numerous mediums. 

Projects will typically be finished in one session. 

Class projects

Click here to register for Early Art Experience, morning class 10-11am *enrollment capped*

Click here to register for Early Art Experience ,afternoon class 2-3pm.


Ukulele Circle 

(all ages) 

Tuesdays 11:15 - 12:00 pm

Fee: free 

Ukulele, tuner, and book supplied 

Teacher: Jennifer Anderson

Sign up to reserve use of a ukulele 

The ukulele is one of the most accessible instruments to learn to play. In this weekly circle, students will learn how to tune the ukulele, strumming techniques and basic chords. Students will learn to play together, keep a steady beat, and the art of practicing. Students who already have ukulele skills are encouraged to participate, as well, to enjoy the camaraderie of playing with others and build on their skills. All ages elementary school - adults may participate. 

LOLA Arts has 10 ukuleles that can be checked out for at home practice or bring your own. 

Ukulele class

Upper Art 2D Exploration

(middle-high school) 

Tuesdays 12 - 2 pm

Fee: $50 

Teacher: McCall Hocking

Students will explore 2D mediums, focusing primarily on painting and printmaking, with in-depth learning into techniques and processes, using creativity and art history to create projects while learning the foundations of art and principles of design. 

Projects will be more continual, generally lasting two or three classes. Regular attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Click here for Upper Art Projects 

Click here to register for Upper Art Exploration

acrylic paint
McCall Hocking

 McCall Hocking

Marketing and Communications Coordinator McCall Hocking is passionate about bringing the magic and joy of art to people of all ages in the Northwoods. She believes in the benefits of doodling and that everyone can and should create some type of art. She is an avid oil painter, illustrator/designer who taught K-12 art in the Denver area for five years. She has a BA in Art from UW-Madison with an emphasis in ceramics and a Masters in Education from the University of Denver.

Jennifer Anderson

Executive Director Jennifer Anderson is driven by a passion for helping people of all ages to find and further their artistic abilities. A love for music has always been a driving force in Jennifer’s life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a specialization in Music Teacher Education from Luther College, and has taught K-12 Orchestra in both public and private schools for many years. She currently is a co-leader of the Woodland Strings of the North, the Pit Director for Northland Pines Musicals, a Pit Musician for Lakeland High School Musicals, a violinist in the Electric String Band, and a church musician. 

Jennifer Anderson
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