19th-20th Century Bulgarian Clothing Exhibit

  • 19th-20th Century Bulgarian Clothing Exhibit
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

19th-20th Century Bulgarian Clothing Exhibit

Location: LOLA Arts,  Sandra Hardy Brown Classroom

Free Exhibit. Open to Public. No Reservation Required.

Light refreshments available

May 12 – 14           10 AM – 3 PM

May 15                  10 AM – 1 PM

May 17 – 18           10 AM – 3 PM

LOLA Arts is hosting a free exhibit of 19-20th Century Bulgarian Clothing.  Traditional Bulgarian folk garments were hand-made using locally produced materials such as linen, hemp, wool, silk and cotton.  The costumes were decorated with embroidery, which had a symbolic value. This exhibit is part of a collection by Chicago resident Elena Popnikolova-Tabakova, who grew up in Bulgaria.

Elena’s Bio: Elena was born in Raslog, Bulgaria. She graduated from the University of Sofia with a master’s degree in history and ethnology. She spent 28 years as a historian, ethnologist and museum curator in Bulgaria. After moving to Chicago, she established the nonprofit organization “ Bulgarian-Chicago Museum Association.” She collects and archives original historic costumes, textiles and embroidery from 19th- 20th century Bulgaria for this organization. She has worked with the Bulgarian Consul General office in creating large exhibitions for Chicago grade and high schools and has done many solo exhibitions at various schools and the University of Chicago. She also has worked with the Bulgarian American Association presenting a large scale program in cooperation with a dance organization and visual artists. This year she was awarded a medal of distinction from the Bulgarian government for her 20 years of promoting the Bulgarian community in America.

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