Sharon Molinaro

Marketing Communications Coordinator

I was born and raised in Kenosha, WI. Starting off copying and drawing my own coloring books for fun, I think I was born to be an artist. Since then, I have grown a bit. I started wildlife painting in
my twenties. And at that time I worked as a photoretoucher. Then on to 11 years as a graphic designer for Evinrude. I was responsible for graphics for all of the owners guides and service manuals. After that I had a few other graphic design jobs to expand my knowledge. In 2015, I was asked to be the art director for a million dollar all inclusive playground. (inclusive for people of all abilities.) It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. 3000 volunteers built this playground on all donated money, in one week. I was in charge of all of the painting and artwork in the playground. Included in that artwork, was painting a mural on a climbing wall and 2- 4×17 foot mosaics. I wasn’t sure I could do that. But, I designed them and had many many volunteers help me put them together. It turned out to be one of the top 10 playgrounds listed in the US. It is the Kenosha Dream Playground.
In 2016, my husband and I moved to Land O’ Lakes and I started my own business. I have been
fortunate as an artist to be supported by my husband and family to follow my dreams.
Always excited about doing a variety of artwork, my business is perfect for me. With this
business, I have a wide variety of things to do. I get to paint murals, custom paintings and round
it off with computer graphics. It is also a passion to do mosaics and any type of craft that fits
what I feel like doing that day.

Land O’ Lakes is a perfect setting for artwork, there is inspiration everywhere.

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