Scott McPherson


Scott McPherson is principal at McPherson Public Affairs Group, a full-service public relations and public affairs firm, Regional Manager at the Associated Equipment Distributors, and Partner at Macallan Communications. He is also the former part-time Executive Director of the Presque Isle Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. Originally from the Chicago area, Scott and his wife Laura moved to Land O’ Lakes in 2017 after maintaining a part-time residence there for many years. Laura is an accomplished baker and cake decorator, having won the Blue Ribbon for best-decorated cake at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2015.

In addition to serving on the LOLA Board, Scott is a member of the Presque Isle Lions Club. A lifelong ice hockey player, he also enjoys hiking, biking, snowshoeing, canoeing, and golf. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from St. Cloud State University and a Master of Science in Communications from Northwestern University.


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