Christal Schermeister

Dance Teaching and Marketing Intern

Hi, I’m Christal Schermeister! I’m a student at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida, studying English with a minor in dance (combining two of my passions, communication and personal expression). I’ve been dancing ever since I can remember (17 years), and love sharing dance and the arts with others.

Along the way, I’ve performed onstage, choreographed dances for myself and others, and worked behind the scenes as a stage coordinator. In the studio, I’ve helped teach young students about movement, balance, and creativity. More importantly, we used dance education to strengthen each student’s values, body, friendships, and character.

I graduated from the eight-year American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum at Selah Academy of Dance in South Florida. During my summer breaks for several years, I also enjoyed participating in the LOLA Arts Summer Dance Classes. Now I’m excited to continue my involvement with LOLA and make a positive difference in the community by expanding and sustaining the arts in the Northwoods!

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