Upper Art Exploration Projects


I’m hoping to get the Tuesdays project up the Friday before, however, this class will have many projects that last more than one session. Your student can absolutely miss one session and still join in the other(s) for that project, as I’ll have extras, or can even send materials so projects can be completed at home. Please let know ahead of time if you can.

If you have any questions, email me at mccall.lolaarts@gmail.com


Project Four, “Lino Printmaking”

HSA upper printmaking

We will be discussing the tradition of printmaking, it’s history, and what is look like in the present. Students will then be designing, carving, and printing from a Lino-type block.

Project Three, “Landscape”


Students will be planning and creating their own landscape, painted in oils. We will go through a brainstorm sheet, do some research on styles, and see more color mixing (as the Bob Ross was a very limited color palette)

Project two, “Winter Landscape”

Bob Ross

We will be using oil paints (that are water soluble, so no harsh chemicals) to create a winter landscape a la Bob Ross, season 24, episode 11.

Project one, “Picasso Portraits”

Homeschool Upper Picasso Portraits

“Self Protrait; Xmas morning”

Students will learn about and create a cubist portrait based off Picasso’s works, focusing on color theory, mixing color, and applying multiple techniques with acrylic paint.

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