Car Park Concert – Free Music Series – Decade XS

  • 07/01/2021
    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

LOLA Arts presents:  Decade XS

Free Live Music! 8o’S Rock

Thursday, July 1, 2021     5 PM– 6:30 PM


At Snowflake Building 6492 Town Hall Road, Land O’ Lakes, WI (behind Town Hall)

Growing up together in the 80’s, Dean (Guitars , Keys and Vocals) and Julie (Bass) have fond memories for the music. Called the “Decade Of Excess” the decade had many genres. Great melodies and new things like the synth taking center stage and guitars taking solos that had people waiting to hear. And not to mention all the fashion. Turn on the radio and you will hear a hit from the decade. A new artist sampling an 80’s song or even country bands covering them.

Dean spent years playing and touring around with various bands. He decided he really wanted to spend more time with his family. Started to search local and since Julie played bass why not get her in a band. After all, they share the same tastes. And after searching musicians to get in on the drums Dean found the perfect fit right under his roof. Alyssa started singing duets with her dad around the county while he played the piano and guitar. One day he put her on a kit and it was set.

They spent some time putting together set lists of songs that really have the crowd going “I remember that song”! People staying around to hear what they will play next in excitement. Sure, they will throw in the good old cover band standards and branch out to a few other decades and genres.

At first Dean was taking the vocal duties but he had no problem handing the torch to Alyssa. She amazes the crowd. A girl on the drums and singing. She once in a while will get behind the keys. She has a love for musicals and really performs well. And Julie dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s to keep the machine rolling.

Bring your own lawn chair.  THE RBA Food Truck and Northwoods Confectionary Creations will be at the LOLA Arts Car Park Summer Music Series this year!

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