Early Art Experience Projects


I will try and put up Tuesdays lesson the Friday before. Most of these classes SHOULD be just one session (but you know how time can get away..) but if your student misses one of a two day, they can absolutely take the other, I’ll have extras to catch them up, or give them materials so they can finish at home.

Please email me at mccall.lolaarts@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Feb 2nd, “Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cones”

Early Art Project

We will look at Wayne Thiebauds sweet treat artworks and use markers and watercolors to create an inspired ice cream cone.

January 25th, “Oil Pastel Watercolor Resist Hands”

Early Art project

Should be one day project..

We will be talking about lines, expression, and patterns, then using oil pastels and watercolor to create artwork reflecting self.

January 18th, “Winter Birds on Birch Trees”

Homeschool Art birds early

One day project.

We will be reading “Snowballs”, and creating watercolor birds on ripped birch trees with a dotted snowy background.

January 11th, “Snowmen at Night”

Homeschool early art snowmen

One day project.

Read “Snowmen at Night” and create a mixed media art piece that focuses on form, mixing colors, and creativity.

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