Now Hiring for 2019 LOLA Summer Internships!

WANTED: Creativity, Passion for the Arts, and the desire to share your talent through teaching.

Are you a college student majoring in theatre or art?  Are you interested in getting experience working in a professional arts environment?  Then apply for a 2019 LOLA Internship today!

Benefits to LOLA Intern Include:

  • Free housing
  • Stipend given to the accepted candidate ($200 per week)
  • Hands-on classroom teaching experience with children
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Gain an effective approach to working with young people
  • Meet teaching goals & deadlines
  • A chance to be creative
  • Develop communication skills
  • Pleasant work atmosphere
  • Supportive Board of Directors, artists & educators
  • Work with students who value art
  • Other summer work available in the area: cleaning, waitress, bar-tending
  • Plenty of nearby outdoor recreation: lakes, bike trails, parks

To apply:

Download and review LOLA Summer Internship description:

LOLA Theater Intern – 2019

LOLA Art Education Intern – 2019

Send e-mail with the following attachments:

 – Letter of interest

 – Resume with references

– One letter of recommendation

Send required documents to:

Wendy Powalisz

Programming Director

Land O’ Lakes Arts/LOLA

All applications must be submitted by: March 31, 2019.

Please feel free to call with any questions. 715.547.3950

We look forward to receiving your application!

President of LOLA Board Appointed to WI Arts Board!

President of LOLA Board Lynn Richie has accepted an appointment to the Wisconsin Arts Board.  The WI Arts Board is a state agency which “nurtures creativity, cultivates expression, promotes the arts, supports the arts in education, stimulates community and economic development”, according to  Board Members receive their appointment from the Governor and serve three-year terms.

“I am very excited, said Richie.  “Any opportunity for me to participate in the promotion and discussion of the Arts in Wisconsin is a welcome one.”

The function of the board is to set policy for the agency and approve funding recommendations made by the peer review panels.  Meetings are open to the public and occur a minimum of four times per year.

To be appointed to the Board, candidates must be Wisconsin citizens “recognized for their accomplishments in the arts, humanities, business, education or public service,” according to 

“I strongly believe in the power of the Arts and in the strength and creativity of Wisconsin, said Richie. “It is a privilege and pleasure to be a member of WI Arts Board and support Wisconsin’s creative sector,” said Richie.

Before her appointment Richie served on a panel for the WI Arts Board, which is part of the Department of Tourism, along with LOLA Programming Director Wendy Powalisz at the Governor’s Conference on Economic Development in October 2017.  Richie and Powalisz facilitated a discussion on the importance of tourism and Creative Economy.  “Economic Development is a key focus in the WI Arts Board 2019-2021 Strategic Plan” continued Richie.  “I look forward to contributing to this goal by seeking, discussing, and exploring new opportunities to connect communities, engage businesses in supporting the Arts, and highlight the wealth of artistic talent in our state.”

Richie also serves on the Land O’ Lakes Community Public Art Committee, an entity that is working with the Town of Land O’ Lakes to bring more public art to the area.  

To learn more the Wisconsin Arts Board and how they help support  the Arts in Wisconsin, visit their website.

Now Hiring LOLA Summer Arts Interns!

WANTED:  Creativity, passion for the arts, and the desire to share your talent through teaching.

Are you a college student majoring in dance, theatre, or art?  Are you interested in getting experience working in a professional arts environment?  Then apply for a 2018 LOLA Summer Arts Internship today!

Benefits to Intern with LOLA:

  • Hands-on classroom teaching experience with children & some adults
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop communication skills, meet goals & deadlines
  • A chance to be creative and make art
  • Stipend given to the accepted candidate ($200 per week)
  • Free housing available
  • Pleasant work atmosphere
  • Work with students who value art
  • Other summer work available in the area: cleaning, waitress, bar-tending
  • Approximately 20-24 hours per week

Goals for teaching children at LOLA are:

  • to experience a variety of art forms and styles
  • gain confidence, use creativity & imagination
  • discover the value of – and learn to love dance, theatre & art
  • have freedom of expression in a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • create narratives about their art, use teamwork, socials and have fun

This summer we are hiring arts interns in three specific programs, Dance, Theatre, and Arts Education.

To learn more about each individual position, click on the links below.

Dance Intern

Theatre Intern

Arts Education Intern

To apply, e-mail the following:

  • Letter of interest
  • resume with references
  • one letter of recommendation

Send to:

Wendy Powalisz

Programming Director

Land O’ Lakes Arts, Inc./LOLA

All applications must be submitted by March 31, 2018.

For more details on each arts program area,dance, theatre, or art, please call LOLA at 715.547.3950.

We look forward to receiving your application!

What is LOLA Doing to Support Arts in Education?

In July 2010, the U.S. House of Representative passed House Resolution #275, designating the second week of September National Arts Education Week.  To celebrate, LOLA shared a personal story each day of the week on our Facebook about the importance of arts in education.  (Click here to read more if you missed our stories!)  The stories came from artists, writers, teachers, friends of LOLA, and others who have been impacted by arts in education.  This got us to thinking, supporting arts in education matters all year long – not just during National Arts in Education Week.  So we took some time to reflect and asked ourselves,

What is LOLA doing to support arts in education?


  • We bring vital arts education resources to local schools.

LOL Elementary students participate in a Shakespeare Workshop.

LOLA has conducted theater, art, and poetry classes for Land O’ Lakes elementary school and SOAR Charter School, providing students supplementary arts education to what they already received in their school’s curriculum.

LOLA has also established a partnership with the Watersmeet School.  The school was struggling to find a certified art teacher, leaving students lacking in their arts education. LOLA saw a need that had to be filled and stepped up to the challenge to bring special arts programming to the school as well as host classes at our Creative Campus. Watersmeet superintendent Gerald Pease acknowledged our partnership as “a wonderful opportunity” and stated he appreciated that LOLA offered this to the district because “it is going to give our students a greater exposure to all the arts which we couldn’t give them.”  LOLA is in the process of working with Watersmeet School to establish the schedule and curriculum for the 2018 school year.

  • We maintain partnerships to provide more diverse arts education.

Summit Players Shakespeare Group and LOLA participants perform on the LOLA Deck

LOLA continues to work with The Summit Players Shakespeare Group to facilitate theater workshops at local schools and on LOLA’s Creative Campus.  In spring, LOLA brought the Summit Players to the Watersmeet School to present a theater workshops for 1st-6th grade students. LOLA Programming Director Wendy Powalisz came back to LOLA with encouraging accounts of student success.  Students who had previously struggled with academic engagement were actively participating in the workshop and young people were excitedly (and accurately) interpreting period language.

  • We provide arts education for home school students.

Home school students working on illustrating stories with Amy Laundrie.

LOLA has been providing arts education for home school students since LOLA’s inception in 2008.  Painting, drawing, 3-d work with wire, clay, and creating art using recycled materials are a few examples of classes LOLA has offered home school students. Classes have focused on specific artists, masters as well as contemporary, including Matisse, O’Keefe, Chihuly, Monet, and Van Gogh.  Students also learn about techniques and materials, the principles of art, elements of design, the color wheel, and art from other cultures.  Class starts with a discussion on the artist, culture, materials or the principle or element with visual aids and samples.  Next, the teacher gives a demonstration of the project and a safety lesson before proceeding. Then, on to the project with the teacher assisting throughout the process but not impeding the individual expression or each student.  Each class ends with students explaining their finished project and then receiving critiques from the other students.

  • We incorporated STEAM classes as part of LOLA’s 2017 Summer Programming (Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, based in Mathematical elements)

Students creating bird silhouettes.

This summer LOLA offered “Where Art and Science Meet,” a 3-class series, taught by retired environmental science teacher, Carol Mason.  Carol led three classes that combined art with science and math.   Each class culminated with an art project that students could take home with them.  “Beauty of Trees” included lessons on tree biology and mathematical symmetry and ended with students creating kirigami trees.  (Kirigami is a form of paper art in which the paper is folded and cut to create the final product.)  “Birds and Silhouettes” included instruction on bird identification, classification, and anatomy.  Students used this knowledge to create specific bird silhouettes out of paper.  “Going Batty” featured information on the bat anatomy and characteristics, the benefits of bats, and myths that surround them.  Students then created a bat mobile and Chinese bat design.  When designing her classes, Carol stated she hoped the series would “provide participants with a more in-depth understanding of the beauty and art in science and the natural world around us.”

  • We offer arts education opportunities all year long, with special emphasis on youth programming during the summer months.

Artist Rita Kickert shows young LOLA student how to use a pottery wheel.

Providing arts opportunities outside of school, especially during the summer time, can help fill the gap at a time in the school year when it may be more challenging for students to access arts education opportunities.  According to Arts Ed Search, an online clearinghouse that collects and summarizes high quality research studies on the impacts of arts education and analyzes their implications for educational policy and practice, “students of all ages who participate in out-of-school arts education exhibit higher academic achievement as measured by grades, IQ, standardized test scores, and high graduation rates.”

  • We create A special gallery exhibit for Youth Art Month.

2017 YAM Display in the Artistree Gallery.

Every March, LOLA celebrates Youth Art Month by framing and exhibiting over 100 works of 2-D and 3-D art created by Land O’ Lakes Elementary, SOAR, and home school students.  For a two-week period, the artwork is displayed in a public gallery setting (thanks to our neighbors at the Artistree Gallery) showcasing the hard work and creativity of each student.  Taking the time to display the work of these young artists shows them that their artwork is valued and important.  In fact, according to The Art of Education (AOE) , an innovative higher learning institution focused on professional development for art educators, “for students lacking self-esteem, putting up work with peers can boost academic and artistic confidence.”

The young artists also participate in a critique of their work by a professional artist.  This allows students to practice receiving constructive feedback on their work as well as gives them a glimpse of what it may be like pursue an artistic career.  But don’t just take our word for it, here is some of the feedback LOLA received from Youth Art Month artists the following the 2017 exhibit:

“Thank you for all of the time you took to come and talk us!”

“Thank you for showing the amazing art.  I had a really, really good time!”

“Thank you for all the work you have done for us!”

“Thank you fro displaying my art in the art show to be critiqued by a real artist.”

“Thank you for putting my painting in a frame.”

“We are very appreciative  to have artists come to view our  artwork and give us advice!”

  • We continue to seek unique arts opportunities for our programming from all areas of the fine arts, including dance.

2017 Youth Dance Program Recital

Every summer LOLA offers a Youth Dance Program and Line Dancing for adults with professional dance instructors.  Started by UW-Whitewater and Associate Professor of Dance and Theater Barbara Grubel, 2017 marks the 7th year of LOLA dance programming.   According to the National Dance Education Organization – NDEO, “only 7 % of elementary school students and 13% of enrolled high school students have the opportunity to study dance education during school hours as a part of the regular school curriculum.”

What can YOU do?

  • Share your story on social media!


This is your chance to tell your own personal story of the transformative power of the arts in education on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!  Add the #ArtsEdWeek #BecauseofArtsEd to your post to be a part of the 2017 visibility campaign.  Make sure to tag LOLA on Facebook, @Land O’ Lakes Arts – LOLA so we can read your story!

If you are not sure what to say, think about this:

– How has arts education had a positive impact on your life?

– What are you doing now in work and/or life that is the result of your arts education?

  • Did you have an experience during your arts education that affected you?  Maybe teacher who gave you the courage to pursue an artistic career?  Or a moment as a teacher that you saw a student succeed or be inspired?

-Why is arts education so important?

– Finish the sentence “Because of arts education…”

  • Engage in your own arts education by taking a class!

Basket weaving class at LOLA.


Explore our calendar and find an arts class or cultural event that interests you.  Or check out the offerings from one of the other arts organizations in the Northwoods.


  • Make a donation!

Click here to donate to LOLA.  Your donation will help us continue to provide a variety of arts education opportunities for all ages, all year long.  As a non-profit, LOLA depends on pledges, donations, grants, participation at fund raisers, and class attendance to fund our arts education programming.  These funds help LOLA to acquire supplies for classes and hire diverse, skilled instructors to teach our students.  With your support, LOLA can remain a reliable source of arts education for Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

As our mission states, “LOLA is dedicated to promoting the arts in Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. LOLA will support local artists in fulfilling their artistic potential while also bringing enrichment, arts education and beautification to the people of the area, which contributes to the vitality of the larger community.”

Support LOLA and support arts in education!

Stories Celebrating 2017 Arts In Education Week

For National Arts Education Week 2017, LOLA celebrated all week long by sharing the personal stories about the importance of arts in education.  In case you missed it, here are the stories we shared! #BecauseofArtsEd #ArtsEdWeek

Story #1 – Artist Tim Black 

Tim in his studio.

“I grew up in Texas in the 50’s. By the time I was in the 6th grade I was reading on 2nd grade level & still couldn’t keep the alphabet straight in my head. I was labeled a non-learner & just passed from grade to grade. My older brother was a straight A student & my younger brother was reading well beyond me. My parents had no idea what to do with me & just thought & told me I was stupid. My career choices in life were zilch.

I went to summer school every summer just to get through high school. My mother read me most of my history, science & English studies. Writing reports was pointless & math was a disaster. I spent a great deal of time looking at pictures in books & magazines. Somehow I began drawing then painting but had no idea why or what for. I just enjoyed it. I went to college with the understanding according to my father it was a waste of time & money. He was right after one semester I was out.

It 1964 the military draft was looking for boys like me. It was the 1st week of January & I was one A in the draft. My fathers thought was I should join the service. I took one art class in college & made my first ever A. When I left., my art instructor told me about a new art school that I should apply to. So on a Monday I mailed my work & letter to the school & on Friday I got a telegram saying if I could be there on Monday to start the 2nd semester I’d have a full scholarship. Saturday night I was on a bus going north.

The absolute best thing was when I got there it was a school of misfits, weirdos, & social rejects…I was home. I also learned I was dyslexic & not stupid. I spent 4 years there with 2 summers in other art schools. Today at the age of 71, I paint every day for 4 to 8 hours. And I read for no less than 4 hours a day. In between reading novels I read philosophy, physics, chemistry, natural sciences, anthropology & the back of breakfast cereal boxes. If I had missed that one opportunity there is no telling what would of happened to me in a way art saved my life & I never forget that.” – Tim Black

Story #2  – RN and Arts Volunteer Laurie Tellier.

RN and Arts Volunteer Laurie Tellier displaying her artwork from LOLA’s Faux Batik class.

“I am a summer resident of Land O’ Lakes, but volunteer with a 4 year old kindergarten in Florida. The teacher asked me if I could do more art and crafts with the kids. I am an RN and consider myself “craft impaired”. I have told people for many years that I would rather take 10 toddlers backpacking than do art projects with them. But when you volunteer, you do what is needed. So I tried a watercolor, salt, and rubbing alcohol project with them…and the kids thought it was magical!!! I look forward to working with the kids again and bringing all the great art ideas I have thanks to LOLA and Toddler Tuesdays.” – Laurie Tellier

Story #3 – Artist and Return LOLA Teacher, Jane Barnard.

Jane Barnard teaching 4 Seasons of Watercolor at LOLA.

“My teaching experience at LOLA has been a wonderfully creative exchange of ideas, skills, and personal motivation. I do believe that ART HEALS and ART MATTERS! And LOLA has created a nurturing environment for artists at all levels to thrive. Thank you LOLA for including me in your teaching roster!” – Jane Barnard

Story #4 – Artist and Former LOLA Art Intern, Nina Fiorucci.

Nina helping a LOLA student during Nina’s Quirky Birds Art with Recycled Materials class.

“After finishing my first year as a high school art teacher, I am able to look back at my internship with LOLA to truly appreciate the experience. It was invaluable to my development as an art educator. Wendy was an amazing mentor and continues to be so for me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to practice lesson planning, classroom management and so much more. I believe it better prepared me for my teaching position today…I highly encourage students to pursue the summer internship. I hope it continues and grows for years to come.” – Nina Fiorucci, Artist

Story #5 –  Artist and Friend of LOLA, and Watercolor Wednesday Regular, Helen Hayhurst.

Helen at LOLA’s Watercolor Wednesday

“Being an artist has taught me to see the details in things: people’s and
animals eyes, the colors and shapes in nature, the designs the ripples on
the water makes. When I get in the ‘creative zone’ my mind is free to wander away from the daily lists and chores! LOLA =Laugh Out Loud with Artists!
LOLA is a great place to meet interesting people and take classes to expand
your life experiences. Love it!” – Helen Hayhurst

Story #6 – Artist, Teacher, and LOLA Programming Director, Wendy Powalisz.

Wendy Powalisz - Programming Director at Land O'Lakes Area Artisans Inc

Wendy displaying some of her artwork.

“In my role as Program Director and as a teacher for LOLA, I have the opportunity to see how art education impacts students through classes offered at the center.  ‘I never thought I could make something’, ‘As a younger person, I was told I had no artistic talent’, ‘I can’t do anything artsy’ or ‘I can’t dance’.   These are the statements I hear all the time, yet – these people want to express themselves or create something, it’s embedded in our souls to do so.  With a nurturing teacher, inspiring materials, a safe environment to work in and of course, plenty of fun thrown in – art can be made by anyone.  It’s well documented about the effects art-making can have on a person.  Making art is a means for self-expression, making a statement, creating beauty and because it’s just plain fun to make things, art can give us great joy, positive thoughts and even healing. From the very young to our elders, the reactions I have seen are amazing.  Toddlers are filled with joy and clap for using colors of any kind, older adults feel a pride in their creations.  They become excited by learning something new and want to explore even more artistic possibilities, which in the world of art making, are endless.  I am happy to be a part of LOLA where the philosophy is that “art is for everyone and everyone can make art.” – Wendy Powalisz


Story # 7 – Writer, Photographer & LOLA Marketing Specialist, Adrienne Jaeger.

Adrienne guiding Land O’ Lakes Elementary students as they create art inspired by poetry.


“It’s hard for me to identify one moment to encompass why my arts education is so important to me.  What I continue to come back to are the many excellent educators and mentors I was so fortunate to have.

In high school, my English teacher Peggy Bolle identified my ability as a writer and held me to a high standard, beyond what was required for my general studies.  She encouraging me to submit my work, go beyond the required reading curriculum, and really engage with my education to develop my writing ability.  She gave me James Joyce’s ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ to read, introduced me to one of my favorite authors and opened my eyes to a whole new world of literature.  The more voraciously I read and wrote, the more my teenage fantasy of studying theater in New York began to morph into an insatiable desire to be a writer.

I ended up going to St. Norbert, a liberal arts college, to major in English with an emphasis in creative writing.  My poetry professor Laurie MacDiarmid taught me the importance of revision of my work.  I was incredibly stubborn at first, unwilling to seriously reexamine my writing or be open to revision and feedback.  Laurie was so patient with me and did not give up, believing in me, knowing that in order to improve, to be the best writer I could be I HAD to be able to receive feedback and revise my work.  Yet, she also taught me that I also need to be willing to fight for my work, that if I felt strongly about keeping a line in a poem the way it was, that it was ok.  It was MY work and my responsibility to fight for it.  I don’t think I truly let go of my own ego enough to receive these lessons until about my Junior year.  What Laurie taught me has been part of the strong foundation that has supported me as I continue to grow as a writer.  Professor John Neary’s enthusiasm and passion for literature was contagious.  My senior year he taught a course focused entirely on Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’.  It remains to this day one of the most fascinating, challenging, and inspirational courses of my educational career.

The passion of my art history professor, Father James Neilson was unparalleled.  He was not content for you to just sit there and stare at him while he taught.  He required enthusiasm, engagement, curiosity, dedication, and creativity. It was a joy to be in his presence, witnessing his rapturous love of art.  For my final senior assignment, Father Neilson allowed me to develop a project that brought art and writing together.  I wrote a series of poems inspired by art, opening my eyes to an entire new source of inspiration for my work.  When I was attending the University of Southern Maine-Stonecoast for my M.F.A. in poetry, I found out that there was a name for that kind of writing: ekphrastic poetry.  I ended up writing my critical graduate thesis on ekphrastic poetry.  Looking back, I am amazing at how so many of my experiences of art in my education build upon the other.  My arts education brought inspirational people into my life, made me a better writer, better teacher, and shown me that my writing is my art.” – Adrienne Jaeger, Writer


LOLA Awarded $10,000 JEM Grant for Zombie Crawl


We are thrilled to report that LOLA was awarded a $10,000.00 JEM Grant by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to advertise and promote LOLA’s 2nd Annual Zombie Crawl!  The 2017 Zombie Crawl will take place on Saturday, October 28, starting at the LOLA Center in downtown Land O’ Lakes.  The event will feature a pub crawl, “deals to die for” from participating establishments, a “body part” scavenger hunt for spooky prizes, and a new ghost tour at the Gateway Lodge. LOLA artists will also be on hand to apply zombie-themed makeup for participants before they get on the bus and head to local pubs and restaurants.

The event is estimated to attract 600 attendees for a projected $92,900 in visitor spending.  JEM Grants are presented by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to non-profit organizations. The state can provide up to 75 percent in funding of a project’s first year costs, and provide support for second and third year projects until they become self-sustaining.

Wisconsin State Representative of the 34th Assembly District Rob Swearingen and Wisconsin Department of Tourism Grant & Travel Green Wisconsin Coordinator Heidi Schultz visited the Land O’ Lakes to present the funds and take a tour of the LOLA Center.  A few hungry zombies also crawled over to receive the check.

From left: LOLA Board President Lynn Richie, WI State Representative Rob Swearingen, LOLA Marketing Zombie Adrienne Jaeger, LOLA Programming Director Wendy Powalisz, LOLA Board Zombie Mary Dickinson, LOLA Board Vice President Barb Lemoine, and WI Department of Tourism Grant and Travel Green Wisconsin Coordinator Heidi Schultz.

The LOLA Zombies were able to celebrate the occasion, and temporarily satiate their hunger for brains, at Brew’s Pub with their favorite cocktail…


Zombies and Bloody Marys – The Perfect Combination!

Click on the image below to enter the Zombie Crawl Giveaway!



Wisconsin Arts Board Grant Helps Fund Guest Teachers at LOLA!

This spring, LOLA was pleased to receive a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.  This grant helped to fund new guest artists to teach at LOLA as well as new classes for our busy summer season.  Read on to learn about the new classes LOLA was able to offer!

Artist, Debbie Jircik of Eagle River Facilitates Toddler Tuesdays

Debbie engaging with a young artist during Toddler Tuesday.

Art class for toddlers ages 3 and 4 are still in session and are held each Tuesday, June 13 through August 8. Toddlers must be accompanied by an adult and cost is $10 each child, with no fee for the adult guardian.

Experiential classes, inspired by the Reggio Emilia method of early childhood education will be the focus for Toddler Tuesdays. The Reggio Emilia method, a project-based approach to early childhood education that encourages children to explore.  According to the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, this method has been found to be beneficial in teaching children how to cooperate, solve problems, and resolve conflicts.  This method is also well-suited to children and adults learning and experiencing new ideas together.  Three different art stations and activities will be offered each week.  Adult guardians are participants and can expect to come away with ideas to work with their child at home.  Debbie Jircik is a clay & paper artist, who is now specializing in her garden grown dye plants that she incorporates into hand-made papers, eco dyed & printed silk scarves and other fabrics.  As a leader in fiber arts, she has been invited to an intensive study of traditional indigo dyeing processes in Japan this fall.

Art Met Science with Instructor Carol Mason for Three Special Classes

Carol’s Kirigami tree from “Beauty of Trees” class.

Retired environmental science teacher, Carol Mason of Minnesota led three classes that taught children about the importance and beauty of trees, birds, and bats.  The value, biology, symmetry & poetry of trees was discussed in the first class.  Classification, anatomy & identification of birds was next, and Carol finished her sessions demystifying bats and discussing their characteristics and benefits.  Each session ended with an art project focused on the topic.  These classes were suitable for ages 7 and up.

LOLA Welcomed Nina Fiorucci Back to the Art Room for Two Special Classes.

Nina’s Faux Batik on paper.

Miss Nina (as she is fondly known by her students) was LOLA’s first summer teaching intern.  She now teaches art to high school students in the Detroit, MI area and continues to do her photography.  This summer she will travel to Italy for a special art photography workshop for which she received a large grant.  For her LOLA class, Nina focused on recycled materials for making Quirky Birds and also taught a Faux Batik on paper class.

Artist, Illustrator – Leigh Cox of Ohio Lead a Drawing Workshop: Birds of Prey & their Super Powers! 

Leigh helps a student display her “Super Bird.”

Join self-described “bird nerd”, Leigh Cox talked about birds of prey and their special “super powers”.  Students then created and drew their own  “super bird” with any powers they could imagine.   Leigh Cox is an illustrator currently based out of Marietta, Ohio by way of Chicago. She specializes in stylized editorial content combining traditional technique with modern subject matter.  Leigh received her BFA from The Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 with a focus in natural history illustration.

The Summit Players Theater company will arrive at LOLA on July 23 for a Children’s Shakespearean Workshop.

Summit Players conducting a Shakespeare Workshop earlier this year with LOLA & LOL Elementary.

This event is coming up! The Summit Players will be back in Land O’ Lakes direct from their tour of free performances in the Wisconsin State Parks.  This special workshop will focus on learning about Shakespeare, his works, his language & Elizabethan Theater.  Children will be invited to recite lines from a variety of plays in a lively game of “scrolls”.  This will be a FREE event held on the LOLA deck Sunday, July 23 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Suitable for all ages…even adults who are young at heart!  Click here for more info.

Meet LOLA’S 2017 Summer Art Intern!

LOLA Welcomes Art intern and printmaking Artist ERin Jacobi!


LOLA is pleased to introduce our 2017 Summer Art Intern, Erin Jacobi.  Erin will be teaching a variety of art classes at LOLA throughout the summer.  Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Erin’s family relocated to St. Germain when she was six months old and she has called the Northwoods home ever since.  Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, with a concentration in printmaking.  Her style of choice of is relief printmaking, a style in which the artist cuts or etches the printing surface, then creates prints of the design that remains on the original surface.  “I fell in love with relief printmaking about three years ago because it is a very hands-on medium which combines drawing and the ability to create multiple copies of a single image,” said Erin.

Erin looks to art as a way to express herself and hopes to help others discover and learn about themselves during her classes at LOLA.  She said “The action of carving an image into the material, whether it’s wood or linoleum, is very cathartic and soothing for me and helps me connect with my work.  Many of my artworks throughout my collegiate career and afterwards are influenced by my personal memories and experiences in my life, both positive and negative.”  When she is not creating art, Erin enjoys spending time with her family and her Golden Retriever Millie, taking photographs, reading, and cooking.

Erin will be the first art intern to concentrate on printmaking.  “We are excited for Erin to bring her talent, passion for printmaking, and teaching style to the LOLA classroom.  It’s wonderful to have another talented Northwoods teacher and we look forward to collaborating with her on new, creative projects,” said  LOLA’s Programming Director, Wendy Powalisz.

In addition to teaching many of LOLA’s summer art classes, Erin will teach three classes focused on printmaking:  Print Making -Skylines on Thursday, July 20, 2017, 10:00 am – Noon and 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm; Andy Warhol Pop Prints on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm; and Exploring Prints, Patterns & Weaving Kente Cloth, on Thursday, August 10, 2017, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.   Check out the LOLA calendar for more information.

LOLA will also host a special exhibit of Erin prints on Friday, August 11, 2017, with a reception from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  The exhibition of Erin’s work will be a free event.


Meet LOLA’s Summer Dance Instructor

LOLA is thrilled to welcome our 2017 Summer Dance Instructor, “Piper” Morgan Hayes. Piper Morgan grew up in the small community of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and began dancing during fourth grade.  In May 2012, she graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance. After graduation, she began her graduate studies, a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance with Hollins University.

Piper then began production of a very special artist-in-residence project.  After a year-long competition with 10 other groups of artists, she won the opportunity to have a piece she created produced with the world renowned entertainment icon, Cirque du Soleil.  In August 2012, the creative dance piece was produced and presented to Cirque du Soleil representatives.

After finishing her Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance in August 2013, Piper Morgan continued to pursue the study of dance.  She focused on presentation of her own choreography, shaping a dance company, aerial/trapeze arts, and working with other talented artists. Her goal is to expand the arts community in the Midwest by serving as a choreographer, guest artist, and professor of dance/aerial arts as well as forming her own dance company.

Piper Morgan’s impressive resume includes serving as Guest Artist with Washington & Lee University in Lexington Virginia,  Guest Teacher with the  University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and Beloit College in Wisconsin. Currently, she serves as an Adjunct Professor at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater teaching Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Pilates and Modern while choreographing several dance pieces each year as a resident faculty member.

Piper Morgan will teach Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, Rhythm & Groove, & Jazz Dance. Click below to download the 2017 class schedule.

LOLA Summer Dance Program 2017

LOLA Hires Writer and Marketing Specialist

Adrienne S. Jaeger joined the LOLA Team in March, 2017.  Filling a brand new position, she will focus on the writing, marketing, and social media presence needed to support LOLA as we continue to grow.

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in creative writing from St. Norbert College and a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of Southern Maine.

To learn more about her background, check out Adrienne’s bio .